The International Summer Music Academy in Kroměříž

12th – 20th august 2021

What do I get as a ISMA student?

  • 6 days with lecturers / 5 solo lessons / apart from disciplines singing, piano accompaniment, chamber music and management which are slightly different
  • Students of string instruments could become members of the student orchestra conducted by Tomáš Netopil. Students are going to play the concert in Kroměříž, they could attend the camp in Prague and play the concert at the International Music Festival Dvořákova Praha.
  • Students of other disciplines are going to play public concerts and they could be selected to play alongside their lecturers.

Applicants may submit APPLICATION, including particulars by 30 May 2021.

The ISMA is open to conservatoire and university students as well as young musicians. The following can participate:
  • musicians and singers into individual solo courses
  • chamber string ensembles
  • those interested in the string orchestra
  • students and managers in music management with their projects

The student string orchestra led by conductor Tomáš Netopil will take place in Kroměříž at the same time as the Solo academy (the concert will take place on 19th August).

Then follows the camp from 11th to 13th September in Prague with the concert on 14th September on the International Music Festival Dvořákova Praha.

The International Summer Music Academy in Kroměříž was established by conductor Tomáš Netopil. He has invited for collaboration prominent performers of classical music, who will, in their roles as tutors, pass on their experience to promising young musicians.

ISMA has ten music academies in 2021

  • MICHAELA FUKAČOVÁ – violoncello
  • IVO KAHÁNEK – piano
  • BARBARA MARIA WILLI – harpsichord
  • PAVEL NIKL – viol / chamber string music
  • DAVID MAREČEK –music projects
  • ZDENĚK KLAUDA – piano accompaniment
  • PETR RIES – double bass
piano – violin – viol – violoncello – singing – harpsichord – double bass – piano accompaniment – chamber music – music projects
Michaela Fukacova
Michaela Fukačová
Snímek obrazovky_Vybrat oblast_20210201204117
Ivo Kahánekpiano
Jiri Vodicka
Jiří Vodičkaviolin
Jan Mráček
Jan Mráčekviolin
Katerina Knezikova
Kateřina Kněžíkovásinging
Barbara Maria Willi
Barbara Maria Williharpsichord
Tomas Netopil
Tomáš Netopil
David Marecek
David Mareček
music projects
Zdenek Klauda
Zdeněk Klauda
piano accompaniment
Petr Ries
double bass
Pavel Nikl
Pavel Nikl
viola / chamber music

Exceptional Venue

The Town of Kroměříž – The Seat of Archbishops

The Academy enjoys the use of the grounds of two artistic institutions – The Conservatoire of P. J. Vejvanovský in Kroměříž and the State School of Performing Arts in Kroměříž, both located in the historic heart of the town. The Baroque spaces combined with art create an unmistakeable “Genius loci”.

This Moravian town, also nicknamed “Athens of Haná”, charms its visitors with its beautiful buildings and unique historic sights. The Archbishop’s Chateau and beautiful gardens of Květná and Podzámecká are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town is one of the most popular places to visit in the Czech Republic.