Zdeněk Klauda

Zdeněk Klauda
Zdenek Klauda

Zdeněk Klaudakorepetice

Zdeněk Klauda is a versatile artist and will present himself as an excellent pianist in Kroměříž with the ability to pass on his experience in the field of accompaniment in cooperation with the singing academy of the soprano Kateřina Kněžíková.

Piano cooperation lessons (accompaniment) will focus on the basic principles of this discipline, i.e. introducing the specifics of this field and deepening knowledge and skills depending on the level of the attender. Everything will take place on a practical level of the studied repertoire, which will be derived from the repertoire of attenders of singing courses.

The participants of the piano cooperation courses will have separate lessons and will also take part in lessons with singers, where they will actively cooperate (accompany) and verify the newly acquired knowledge in practice.

Zdeněk Klauda is currently involved in the permanent engagement of the National Theatre in Prague. He has devoted himself to flute and piano from his childhood and he also studied composition and conducting.